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Another Specialist Accreditation for Mosedale Gillatt

Associate Director Iona Howell has always been interested in the delivery of projects within a heritage context, both contemporary and historic. We’re delighted that Iona has now joined Director Jenny Gillatt by becoming an RIBA Accredited Specialist Conservation Architect. To be a Specialist Conservation Architect, you need an authoritative knowledge of conservation practice and extensive experience of working with historic buildings – which Iona has in abundance! We’re especially proud that she has developed and honed those skills at Mosedale Gillatt Architects, helping to deliver award winning projects such as Seaton Delaval Hall and Warwick Bridge Corn Mill

Iona is currently working at Elephant Tea Rooms (Grade II) delivering a range of repairs and a contemporary interpretation of the lost Terracotta shop front that once graced High Street West in Sunderland. She is also delivering a project that looks to re-roof the West Range of Helmsley Castle (Scheduled Ancient Monument) and has just started work on a scheme to reimagine Middlesbrough Central Library

Iona said ‘I’m fascinated by how conservation work can sit alongside the potential for contemporary development within historic settings and Mosedale Gillatt Architect’s strong background in the field has always given me great opportunities to work on projects that challenge and interest me’

To find out more about Mosedale Gillatt’s conservation expertise and experience, explore more of our projects here

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