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F Pit Museum gets the go-ahead

Mosedale Gillatt Architects are delighted to have been appointed to reimagine and extend Washington F Pit Museum for Sunderland City Council.


The Practice was originally involved in the feasibility study and following a successful allocation of funding, Sunderland City Council re-tendered the project. Mosedale Gillatt Architects have now been appointed to deliver a scheme that both consolidates the historic Winding House and creates a vibrant new building providing exhibition and community space and a park café.


Washington F Pit Museum is a Grade II listed building and one of only 10 Scheduled Ancient Monuments in the City of Washington. It consists of an original engine winding house and head gear built in 1903, on a site where mining has been undertaken since as early as 1775.


​Today there is no real link between the building and its former setting that can be understood by local inhabitants or visitors. The museum building has been preserved, but in isolation, with no connection to the surrounding landscape. 


The scheme focuses on the creation of a contemporary new building in the setting of the park with exhibition spaces that will address these aspects and bring focus to the role that the Winding House represents in the mining and social heritage of Washington. The new centre will act as a hub within the wider £4.6m Albany Park regeneration which will see new interpretation, play and landscape provided.


Construction of Washington F Pit Museum is expected to start in 2025. We look forward to sharing more design development with you as the project progresses.

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