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Sunderland City Council

listed building  |  scheduled ancient monuments  |  repair  |  adaptation  |  masterplan

Washington F Pit Museum is a Grade II listed building and one of only 10 Scheduled Ancient Monuments in the City of Washington. It consists of an original engine winding house and head gear built in 1903, on a site where mining has been undertaken since as early as 1775.

Today there is no real link between the building and its former setting that can be understood by local inhabitants or visitors. The museum building has been preserved, almost in isolation, with no connection to the surrounding landscape. It can be appreciated in old photographs how naturally flat the site was when it was in use as a mine, save for the impressive spoil heaps which accumulated over 200 years. Now the building is surrounded by housing and the long distance views are now limited.

Mosedale Gillatt Architects have recently managed a series of urgent repairs works and are currently working with the client to develop a masterplan for a new museum and visitors centre. The surrounding landscape of Albany Park will also offer opportunities for expansion of interpretation and understanding of the former pit site.

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